Please note when pre-ordering club printed programmes or digital printed programmes, We NEVER receive these before any match is played and we have to allow time for the clubs or publishers to send them to us or in the case of digital printed programmes time for them to be printed.

Unfortunately we are always in the hands of the clubs or publishers and delivery companies as to when these arrive with us, As soon as any of the pre-ordered programmes arrive we ALWAYS dispatch them to customers within 24/48 hours.

However please beware that emailing us everyday about your order does not help us dispatch them quickly as every email we get only delays us in dispatching them or any order as quickly as possible within the 14 working days clearly stated within the website.

All pre-orders are guaranteed and every customer will receive there's we just have to allow time for them to get to us and be dispatched, Plus time for any delays with the Royal Mail that may accrue which is beyond out control. 

Many thanks for your understanding about this, We are hoping this will help reduce the amount of emails and abuse staff members receive on a daily basis so that we can spend more time on getting orders dispatched quickly.

Thank you

The team at M60 Programmes Ltd.